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Mixture is a delectable mix of components that are fried to perfection to give that perfect crunchy melt in the mouth taste with a hint of delicious spice. Our mixture is an all-time favourite tea time snack for many...

Kara boondi

Kaara Boondi are tiny spiced balls made from gram flour seasoned with spice and condiments. With the super crunchy fried curry leaves and cashews, Kaara Boondi is an absolute pleasure..

Bombay Mixuture

Bombay mixture is a riot of flavours with components like fried lentils, nuts, flaked rice, corn and more in a delectably rich spice mix. This is an absolute treat for snack lovers who adore the texture crunch and bites...


Ompodi is thin and light strands flavoured with the right amount of spice and cooked to perfection for that desirable crunch..

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