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Andhra murukku

To do justice to the super spicy Andhra cuisine, the Andhra Murukku at Mittai Kadai is a testament of spiciness and rich flavours. Deep fried in oil, the ring-shaped spicy rich Andhra Murukku will shoot up in the list of your favourites...


These tangled wonders make your taste buds dance with its flavour and crunch. Mittai Kadai undisputedly makes the best murukkus in the country. They have a satisfying crunch and mouth-watering flavours which will leave you wonder struck with every bite...

Butter murukku

Adding butter to our super crunchy and delicious murukkus make it smoother and more delicious as it melts in mouth with every bite. Super rich murukku with its melting texture makes it a fitting snack for any special occasion..

Achu Murukku

Delicately patterned and subtly tasting Achu Murukku is a Mittai Kadai speciality. With a unique design, and subtle taste this is an inviting snack for kids who will enjoy every bite of it ..

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