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Fried Nuts

Ennai Kadalai

Choicest of nuts are used in preparing the ennai kadai, a deep-fried snack of nuts with spice and salt. The crunch and texture of the kadalai is irresistible..


This is a mix of nine whole grains and pulses deep fried to perfection with added flavours. Every spoonful of this Navadhaniya is healthy with all the protein from the grains and pulses..

Neei kadalai

Nei Kadalai is rich snack with the best quality nuts fried with seasoning that will brighten your senses...

Kondai Kadalai

Kondai kadali is a deep fried snack made from Channa. The channa are made to taste super crunchy and delicious after the deep fry. With added salt and flavour it makes a perfect companion for a hot beverage..

Masala Kadalai

Indian spices have always won over taste buds. Masala kadalai is a spicy and rich version of fried nuts. Coated with a rich and spicy masala, they elevate the fried nuts to an irresistibly tasty snack..

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