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Ennai Kadalai

Choicest of nuts are used in preparing the ennai kadai, a deep-fried snack of nuts with spice and salt. The crunch and texture of the kadalai is irresistible..


Kaara Sevu or Sattur Sevu is the star item on our menu. It is a hot-selling item that earned us widespread recognition. The sevu we make is crispy, crunchy and spicy. Kara" denotes "heat / spicy" in Tamil. Unlike other sevu manufacturers, we at Shanmuganadar prepare it in-house using traditional met..


Mixture is a delectable mix of components that are fried to perfection to give that perfect crunchy melt in the mouth taste with a hint of delicious spice. Our mixture is an all-time favourite tea time snack for many...

Ribbon Seeval

Ribbon seeval is broad and long with a crunchy texture making it a very fun snack to relish. The right mix of spice is the secret to its lingering taste with every bite...



The traditional south indian snack which is a must have in major celebrations like Diwali and Krishna Jayanthi is a speciality at Mittai Kadai...


Known as the rural man's savoury, Seeval is an exquisite mix of spices and gram flour with a hint of pepper and hing. Broad and rough textured the resounding crunch makes this a fun snack for all...

Andhra murukku

To do justice to the super spicy Andhra cuisine, the Andhra Murukku at Mittai Kadai is a testament of spiciness and rich flavours. Deep fried in oil, the ring-shaped spicy rich Andhra Murukku will shoot up in the list of your favourites...

Corn Chips

We also offer Corn chips which are tasty, crispy and delightful with every bite. The flakes are made to be super light and crunchy while deep fried. Seasoned with the right amount of salt and spice corn chips is light on the palate..

Kara boondi

Kaara Boondi are tiny spiced balls made from gram flour seasoned with spice and condiments. With the super crunchy fried curry leaves and cashews, Kaara Boondi is an absolute pleasure..

Milagu Sevu

Milagu sev is prepared by adding pepper to the gram flour to spice up the sevu real nice and take it to another level of tastiness..


These tangled wonders make your taste buds dance with its flavour and crunch. Mittai Kadai undisputedly makes the best murukkus in the country. They have a satisfying crunch and mouth-watering flavours which will leave you wonder struck with every bite...


This is a mix of nine whole grains and pulses deep fried to perfection with added flavours. Every spoonful of this Navadhaniya is healthy with all the protein from the grains and pulses..

Bombay Mixuture

Bombay mixture is a riot of flavours with components like fried lentils, nuts, flaked rice, corn and more in a delectably rich spice mix. This is an absolute treat for snack lovers who adore the texture crunch and bites...

Butter murukku

Adding butter to our super crunchy and delicious murukkus make it smoother and more delicious as it melts in mouth with every bite. Super rich murukku with its melting texture makes it a fitting snack for any special occasion..

Neei kadalai

Nei Kadalai is rich snack with the best quality nuts fried with seasoning that will brighten your senses...


Pakkoda is almost as same as the Ribbon Seeval as it differs only visually. Pakkoda's have smaller width than Ribbon Seeval. It also has a smooth crunchy texture to it. It makes a great tea time combo your guests will relish!..

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